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Projects > iPinPoint - Angle and length/distance measurement tool, v2.1
ScreenShots for Version 2.0
New features:
  • New UI
  • Post calculations on Facebook or share them with the Rainbow app
  • Compute the Cobb Angle

This is the new UI

The measurements are groupped into two main categories: Engineering, and Orthopedics

The first category has the measurement that can be used by an engineer, mechanic or a school teacher, and the second category is for orthopedists who want to compute the cobb angle (for now)

You can now share your findings with other people, colleagues/p>

The sharing feature is available in the free version, and the only thing that you have to do is tap on the "Share" button.

Sharing is only possible if you have the latest version of the Rainbow app installed or the latest version of the Facebook app installed

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